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Загальна Капіталізація $5,336,942,639,017,733
Загальний обсяг 24г $367,428,249

CharityStars is launching a public token that will provide transparency in the nonprofit sector allowing individuals to track their donations on the AIDChain public ledger from the moment they make a contribution through the moment it goes to the final recipient. Through AidCoin's decentralized platform, charities record the use of funds on a distributed ledger, creating an immutable money trail. AID is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token used in CharityStars system.

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Ціна відкриття $0.02
Минимум $0.02
Максимум $0.02
Цена в BTC 0.00000601491612 BTC
Текущее количество 100,000,000 AID
Загальна Пропозиція 100,000,000 AID
Ринкова капіталізація $2,072,638
Обсяг 24г (в монетах) 9,360 AID
Обсяг 24г (у валюті) $194
Последнее обновление 2018-12-11 10:15:33 +00:00 GMT
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